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Mick Lynch - 22.06.2022


I don't think he'll be offered a knighthood any time soon but Mick Lynch deserves one:

He single-handedly destroyed the British media's efforts to portray the rail strike as something sinister and underhand. Note the "journalist" repeatedly calling him "Mr Lynch" - a sure sign of losing an argument i.m.o. He must have done half a dozen interviews yesterday and handled them all with aplomb.

The interview with him starts at 35:12 but the whole thing is well worth watching.

Recursive Grids - 20.06.2022


Trying out palettes from photos I've taken: recursive grid images

Pineta of Calvi Corsica - M C Escher - 10.06.2022


escher corsica

One of my favourite Escher works. It's a print from three woodblocks: light gray, dark gray and black. Sublime.

How Birds Sing - 10.06.2022

   humour  video

How birds "sing" from William Garratt on Vimeo.

There are such a lot of talented people out there. You should check out the other videos on his channel.

Sunset - 03.06.2022

   processing  art

rectangle packing gif
This took me a bit longer than I'd care to admit.

Circle / Rectangle Packing - 22.05.2022

   processing  art

rectangle packing

Rectangle Packing Drone View - 15.05.2022

   processing  art

rectangle packing gif

Rectangle Packing - 14.05.2022

   processing  art

rectangle packing

Ahmad Jamal - Poinciana - 07.04.2022

   video  music

Ahmad Jamal tickles the ivories

Alien Brainwaves - 02.04.2022



See a live version and the code.