Wild Rumpus featuring Beardyman - Rock The Joint

Thanks to Ken for this - the wonderful Beardyman and superb animation

Think we need a third runway at heathrow?

Think we need a third runway at heathrow?  Think again.

The cat that thinks it's a dog

Jackie and Paul's cat performs for treats...

Skyrim : Gangnam Style

You know what Gangnam Style is? OK, you're cool... You know what Skyrim is? OK, freezing... But Skyrim : Gangnam Style is absolute zero!!!

Will Sutton Parkour 2012

Free running to amaze you.

The Doctor on good form...

Lewis Hamilton should take a leaf out of Valentino Rossi's book on how to be a charismatic motor racing star...

Singing and a cup

This woman has very good rhythm and a lovely voice...

Bob Dylan - Desolation Row

"Desolation Row" is a 1965 song written and sung by Bob Dylan. It was recorded on August 4, 1965 and released as the closing track of Dylan's sixth studio album, Highway 61 Revisited. It has been noted for its length (11:21) and surreal lyrics in which Dylan weaves characters from history, fiction, the Bible and his own invention into a series of vignettes that suggest entropy and urban chaos.
Thank you Wikipedia


XKCD is a great webcomic, and this one is the best ever! You HAVE to look at this...

My dog: the paradox

A funny and touching webcomic... about dogs.