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With every cross...

23 January 2016

Not any old table...

Scott Rumschlag has built an expanding table...

22 January 2016

Freefolk and Whitchurch

Cold but crystal clear:



10 January 2016

Tadashi Tokieda on mobius strips

Think you know all about mobius strips? Think again:

24 November 2015

Cheriton and Bramdean




Crystal clear light with Tina, Chris, Dotty, Tim and Nigel. We walked around nine miles - perfect :)

21 November 2015


Cats and cucumbers

Who would have thought that cats would have such an extreme reaction to a salad vegetable?

Search YouTube for "cats and cucumbers" for hours of fun procrastination.


A must watch film - with the excellent Toby Jones (also in The Detectorists) starring as Neil Baldwin.

Johnny Flynn - Detectorists

The theme tune from the BBC4 TV series - a must watch.

Autumn ...



Walk... bull in field... golden leaves... autumnal... mists... Saints... Bournemouth... 2-0... ladies... pints! ... Wadworths 6X... lurvely :)

01 November 2015