Friday 02 November 2012

My run this morning starts to the sound of Kenny Rogers' "The Gambler" - the last choice of Hilary Devey on Desert Island Discs (her off Dragons Den with the voice like Lee Marvin). Out in the sunshine, it's easy to work out why a song I'd heard a few minutes earlier was echoing around my head. How it morphed into "Across the Universe" is, however, a of a mystery...

The last appointment of the day is with Stuart, we have a good lesson then I pop over to see my Dad. He looks a bit worse for wear, to be honest, having had a bit of a fall recently, but is in good spirits.

Les arrives at the station around 5:30, it's really good to see her. The three of us have a pleasant evening dining, then watching "Senna," which although an excellent film doesn't end on the happiest note.