Friday 09 November 2012

Stu has a lesson at 9:15 and when I arrive, Ken opens the door. It's good to see him skiving off work. He is dressed in shorts and t shirt and claims he is going for run. I do recognise bedroom attire when I see it...

As well as Stu I see Liesha and Joe. Liesha had a birthday yesterday and plans to go to Reading tomorrow night with a minibus full of friends for a big night out. I tell her I will keep an eye on the local news to see how her evening went. Joe's drive is good, we chat a bit about the rapid changes in the world - for example how countries like Mexico are suddenly becoming major players.

The afternoon is spent catching up on emails and website work. In the evening I start playing poker expecting to be knocked out of the tournament early. When "Have I Got News for You" comes on to the TV, I am still playing. There are around 470 entrants, I need to get to the top 60 to get paid. After about three and a half hours (sorry, Tina) I am in the last ninety when I get two jacks. I know I should fold when a larger stack than me bets, but can't resist the chance to double up my chips. He shows ace and queen, and hits the ace on the river - the last card of the hand dealt. Oh bugger... Still, play the hand you're dealt - a good metaphor for life :) I will have to ask Jimmy what he would have done.