Friday 21 December 2012

The Mayans have nothing on these guys...When we wake, the world seems much the same. Were the Mayans working to GMT standard winter time, though?

After Tina goes to work, I decide to do some shopping in London. After all, who cares where we are when it all goes off? I walk from Waterloo to the city, and meet with Jim for a coffee and a chat, before his official lunch which is a Christmas boozy affair by the sound of it.

After I say goodbye to Jim, I wander around Spitalfields old market. Several stall holders have the time to chat. It's not too busy and there is a good variety of goods for sale on the stalls. Later, I look at Brick Lane, but it's very quiet with many closed shops as most of the residents are at the mosque.

I get a tube to Covent Garden, which doesn't appeal quite so much, then wander off to Waterloo. London seems remarkably quiet, except for the train on the way home.