Friday 23 November 2012

We sleep well. Breakfast is a huge buffet. Jim and Les stay in San Sebastian, Tina and I walk for two hours over cliffs to a nearby cove for a swim. I forget my trunks but the beach is deserted so I can swim without them. Unfortunately there are no photos of this ;) It's very hot. We walk back and later meet up with L & J. We play scrabble in a bar in town before dinner. Les is miles ahead but I swap some letters to get rid of a "Q" and she pulls it out of the bag a bit later in the game. I manage to get rid of all my tiles. By some massive fluke and the fact that Les was stuck with her "Q" I win by a point. Bloody hell - I never win at scrabble :)

We eat another huge dinner, and get to bed relatively early.