Friday 26 October 2012

Every day is a blessing - twenty four hours of unpredictable, funny, sad, good, bad and unique experience. Today is no exception!

I have four lessons; starting at 9:00 with Stuart. He drives well despite being a bit tired. Ken and I think he should do his lessons at (say) ten in the evening. (Ken and I were comparing notes. It seems that quite often if the four of us had been out of an evening, upon our return at a late hour, Jim or Les would be on their way out - the start of their evening! "Can I take the car, Mum??"). Liesha was next, great fun as always, Debbie drove well, and Joe had a really good drive. I drove for a few minutes at the start of his lesson, which had the desired effect of speeding him up a bit.

In the afternoon, I met up with Bernie - in Asda while her learner was taking their test. We hadn't bumped into each other for a while, it was so good to chat and laugh. We catch up on each other's news, and decide to meet up again soon. Bernie always puts me in good spirits, it's a tonic to see her.

I get home just before Tina, and around five we head off to Salisbury to see the Proclaimers. Dotty and Tim got the tickets, we are looking forward to the evening very much. Tina and I grab a beer (or two) and a bite to eat in a pub near the venue, then the four of us meet in the City Hall.

The support act is Blueflint, from Edinburgh. Two female vocalists play banjos, there is a mean fiddle player, and double bass and drums. They are very good, the audience respond well to them. I resist the opportunity to buy one of their tea towels in the foyer, however ;)

The Proclaimers arrive after an interval, and immediately launch into several lively numbers. Charlie and Craig (identical twins) are aided by a bassist, lead guitarist, keyboard player, and drummer. Their sound is tight, they are all excellent musicians (to my untrained ear), and the joint is jumping. The set is a mix of new (to me) songs, and many old favourites. I've linked to three of their songs below, they played two of them but not "King of the Road." All in all, a great performance, I had a brilliant time, I think Tina and T'Welches did.

"Your beauty and kindness"
"Made tears clear my blindness"
"While I'm worth my room on this earth"
"I will be with you"
"While the Chief, puts Sunshine On Leith"
"I'll thank him for his work"
"And your birth and my birth."

After the encore - four songs, I think - we went back to the pub Tina and I dined in. A transformation has taken place - it's like Sodom and Gomorrah in there. And VERY LOUD. We slink out, and find a quiet watering hole more suited to our advanced years (sorry, not you, D & T), and have an enjoyable chat over a beer. Or fruit tea and coffee, for the girls. No stamina... ;)