Digby Jones, Baron Jones of Birmingham

01.08.2021     poetry

Digby Digby Baron M Jones
Lord of this great country
Took great care of his diction
Sounding every G
Digby Digby said of his speech
"Never," he said, said he;
"Have my aitches been dropped
or my glottals been stopped,
I'm utterly perfect, me."

Digby Digby Marritt's telly
Caused him a great offence
Some lowly BBC pundit
Appeared to be quite dense
D D ranted on Twitter
"People these days - good Lord!
must pronounce their Gs
with reasonable ease!"
And other such nonsense roared

Digby Digby Baron M Jones
Found, to his great surprise
The great unwashed British public
Were minded to not sympathise:
"D D you bumblin fool
stick to the day job, do please!
Our Alex is smashin
refrain from your bashin
you know where to stick all those Gs!"

With apologies to A A Milne

What all the fuss was about