LEJOG 2015

Walking from Lands End to John o'Groats

Since I finished my first "LEJOG" walk in 2005 and put my diary online, I've been pleasantly surprised to receive enquiries from people asking whether they should attempt the "end to end". My answer has always been a resounding "yes!" You don't need to be super fit or highly skilled at celestial navigation - this is the United Kingdom we're talking about. You will never be that far from civilisation and you can choose your route according to your confidence. You don't need to be that skilled at map reading any more, ordinary smartphones can show you your precise location in greater or lesser detail depending on the app and your budget.

You do need a little common sense, and to be realistic about your health and physical fitness. If you've not done much walking try a couple of day hikes to see how it goes. How does it feel to carry a hefty backpack?

Finance is a consideration - you will need to cover the cost of food and accommodation along the way. If you carry a tent, your outgoings will fall dramatically. If you're flush, you could have a roof over your head every night. Again, a little common sense and you should be fine!

LEJOG was the first walk I'd done which lasted more than a day. Since then me and Tina have done many multi day hikes, mainly in the UK and some abroad. We've had our fair share of blisters and aches and pains, but we've always muddled through. A few weeks after a walk, the memory filters out the bad stuff and all that remains is a rosy glowing recollection of all the fun we had.

I set off for the second (and probably last!) time at the end of April 2015. Every day I would write up up this account on my phone and upload it to my website, along with photos. Feel free to continue and read my account of a walk through a wonderful island.