LEJOG 2015

Penzance Saturday 25 April 2015

Start: Lands End
Finish: Penzance
Miles walked today: 11
Total miles: 11

We're walking along a narrow country lane. The hedgerows are all yellow gorse and white may. Behind the hedges are freshly ploughed fields of an impossible rich brown colour which wouldn't look out of place in a child's crayon drawing. The rain has stopped and we've just had a delicious beer in a village pub. All in all a pleasant contrast to the development at Lands End itself, which is a bit of a carnival sideshow.

The day started very early, our limousine arrived on time and Ken and Carol whisked us off to the station to get our 6.47 train. Thank you both so much :)

Arrive in Penzance at 1.15, rush to the B&B, drop our packs off, and get to the bus stop for the 1.43 to Lands End. Except that I've looked at an out of date timetable, and the next bus isn't for an hour.

No problem.... walk out of Penzance, and thumb a lift on the A 30. Which, amazingly, worked.

Sue pulled up in her chic Fiat 500 and said she could take us to her village, about halfway to LE. Teen, Sue and and I chatted about her previous address (Kent), her wedding anniversary (tomorrow - 18 years - congratulations), her family (husband and daughter), and our walk. Before we knew it she had taken us all the way to LE. What a lovely person.

(Note to self: Sue recommends The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry - a novel by Rachel Joyce - relevant as it's about walking).

We stayed long enough to sign the register in the Lands End hotel and take some photos. The walk back started wet and brightened. We had dinner in the swish "Mackerel Sky Cafe" and retired to our room.