LEJOG 2015

Truro Monday 27 April 2015

Start: Helston
Finish: Truro
Miles walked today: 18
Total miles: 46

We've seen five wheel trims, various birds of prey, a fox, two viaducts, and heard a cuckoo. Which didn't really distract us from the feeling of being totally exhausted. Feet not too bad, other places surviving, but tired.

After an early start - and a delicious breakfast - we wandered lanes between Helston and Truro. All very scenic, but lots of gradients. At one point we walked through a tumbledown farm yard, and chatted to the farmer. Rarely do you see someone who looks so perfectly in place. I took his photo - not on my phone, though. ( Update - I added the photo).

Truro cathedral looked stunning as we entered the tiny city, and we forgot our aches and pains. Booked into the Mannings Hotel and grabbed a bite to eat in a pleasant pub. I notice from the photo below that the camera puts pounds on me...