Monday 10 December 2012

Only one cancellation today.

Ken emails me his tribute to Sir Patrick Moore:

So farewell then,
Sir Patrick,
You are,
I regret to say
As of yesterday,

As a young man, you were an ace,
In the RAF,
Where the sky was the limit,
To your Observations.
After the war,
You were still an ace -
Only with your,
Telescopic viewing devices,
When there were,
No limits at all
To what you saw.
You were truly..........

Born 4th March 1923
Made you Pisces,
Though to hear that
Made you
Blast off into orbit.
Nothing fishy about you!
Keith's mum used to say
(To our dismay)
How good you were!
To see so much,
So far away,
Through so little!!!
But then, the only time she looked
Through a telescope,
It was,
Through the wrong
(Daft bat.)

David Niven once said,
"The Moon's a Balloon!!"
You showed him though.
And as for those
Conspiracy theorists who thought the moon landings were faked.
You taked
No nonsense from,
Especially in the black hole
Of Basingstoke
When I saw you on stage,
With my chum Rich.
I was with him,
Last night,
Looking up at the stars,
Holding hands
And doing impressionations of you,
"Well"......."We just don't know!"
That was one of yours.........
(According to Ronnie Barker).
And though you wore
A monacle,
You were clearly not averse,
To making a spectacle,
Of yourself.

Good for you!

And so your are remembered
By many,
As a man of the stars,
Who mixed,
With them.
"Hey Mr Xylophone Man"
That could have been
A hit CD for you,
With Brian May
From 'The Queen'
On Guitar.
That would have been
Out of this world!!

I'd have bought it.........
Especially now that,


E.J.Spock (55ish ............ Leo)

Wonderful. Thank you Ken. Sir P's Wikipedia entry is well worth a look. They don't make them like that any more.