Monday 12 November 2012

This email dropped into my inbox the other day:

"My Great Granddaughter has decided not to be a Pop Star and have someone drive her about; but will be a Hair Stylist instead and drive her self about. I promised her driving lessons for her eighteenth birthday, so it is now time to let her loose on the populace of Basingstoke, so here is the plan. I will pay upfront for fifteen lessons.

Have you got space for her and if so how do you want to be paid, I can transfer the cash direct, by cheque, Paypal, anyway you like as long as it does not involve going to a bank, at eighty five it takes me two hours to get out of bed and as I live in Chichester I can't appear with the dosh.

I emailed two other Schools in Basingstoke and never got a reply, I guess they are so busy they don't need the work, I built and sold two businesses and followed my Grandfathers advice "No matter what time of day, if there's a chance to earn a shilling; take it".  Obviously they don't need the money."

People of his generation know how to express themselves in writing, don't they? I saw his great granddaughter today for her first lesson, and it went very well, I'm happy to say.

The last appointment is with Natalie, her final Pass Plus (post test) drive, which was mainly focussed on driving at night. We found a road where she had to adjust her headlights from dipped beam to main beam and back again around every three seconds, which was fun. Natalie sings in a band, their latest video is below: