Monday 24 September 2012

Jim is 27 today. Bloody hell, how did that happen? Tina goes to work, I text the boy. Get one back, lovely.

I sound like Lee Marvin - Ken's cold is a really good one. It's so good to share things with friends. How can I repay him?

Did a 9 a.m. lesson with Shadreck. I am not happy about his test next week, he's not really ready, so I let him know his options (cancel, or do it in his friend's car), and leave it for him to contact me. I don't feel too bad, as I never asked him to book the test.

I pop into Winklebury cycles and leave a message for Gary to contact me if he can get a ladies model for Tina. I hope he can. I'm trying to work out how old her current bike is, it could be about eight years but who knows?

Two lessons at lunchtime, then home to load up the car and take the hedge clippings to the dump.

A bit of TV in the evening for me n Tina. Les and Jim both call, it's good to chat to them.