I don't like Russian

I don't like Russian dolls... they're too full of themselves.

Vi Hart Goodness

She's marvellous, especially when talking about Martin Gardner...

This land is mine!!!

Check the link to Nina Paley in the YouTube page. And thank you Andy Williams for the singing - hope you r.i.p.


More Vi Hart fun and games :)

Happy Birthday Tina

Cakes, candles and song!

Wild Rumpus featuring Beardyman - Rock The Joint

Thanks to Ken for this - the wonderful Beardyman and superb animation

Think we need a third runway at heathrow?

Think we need a third runway at heathrow?  Think again.

The cat that thinks it's a dog

Jackie and Paul's cat performs for treats...

Skyrim : Gangnam Style

You know what Gangnam Style is? OK, you're cool... You know what Skyrim is? OK, freezing... But Skyrim : Gangnam Style is absolute zero!!!

Will Sutton Parkour 2012

Free running to amaze you.


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