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My kids have come up

My kids have come up with a game where I have to guess the first shop that pops into their heads.
What will they think of, Next?

Epic bus commercial


Mrs Thatcher once said, "A man who, beyond the age of 26, finds himself on a bus, can count himself as a failure".
This is Denmark sticking two fingers up to that particular philosophy :)

Bad children's books

Satire, humour and visual parody of classic children's books from the 1940s through 1960s

El Ten Eleven "Yellow Bridges" music video

From the creator of this video:
"Here is a music video I made for El Ten Eleven. Software: adobe after effects. Hardware: one log, 2 twigs and a couple of leaves."
Full screen - volume up...

Project Sausage Drone Stage 2 - Sausage Parachute Drop!

Stage 2 of Project Sausage Drone is to successfully parachute drop sausages. This film shows that stage in development.
Great British eccentricity at it's best

Dull News in Local Newspapers

Celebrating nothing at all happening in your home town.

Double the battery

Double the battery life of an iPhone by putting the damned thing down.

I found an iPhone

I found an iPhone on the bus today, so called the number in the contacts that said 'Home'.
"Hello!" I said when they answered. "I've found your phone on the bus."
"Oh, that's fantastic," the woman sighed with relief.
"I know it is" I replied, "How do I work the camera?"


Flickriver is a neat way to browse Flickr. You see a "river" of great photos, without the need to hit "next" to load the next page.

Great for photo inspiration!


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