Pöpcørn | Recipes with The Swedish Chef | The Muppets

This has got... everything! A masterpiece.

I walked in on my wife...

I walked in on my wife and the milkman and the first thing she said was:
"Don't tell the butcher!!"

Rodney Dangerfield

The Whitsun Weddings

I've come very late to Philip Larkin, but can now see why he has remained so popular. A wonderful reading voice, too.

Lucky, Lucky, Lucky Me

I'm addicted to this, just played it five times over. It's got whistling!! I suppose we have something to thank car commercials for.

The school I went to...

I'm not saying the school I went to was a bit rough, but it had it's own coroner. For dinner we used to have broken leg of lamb. We were given an essay: "What I want to be if I grow up."


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