Johnny Flynn - Detectorists

The theme tune from the BBC4 TV series - a must watch.

I tried to steal Halloween...

I tried to steal Halloween pillows from the supermarket.
It had grim reaper cushions.

Ron Sexsmith

Saw R.S. at the Joiners in Southampton last night - wonderful. Thanks to K&C for inviting me n Teen...

There are lots of YouTube videos with Ron playing his own songs, but you should also check out his channel which features lots of great covers:


26 October 2015

Gjirokastra time lapse

25 October 2015

Earl Okin - come to my room

The wonderful Earl Okin (listen up for the trumpet solo):

More on YouTube

25 October 2015

Formby In Da Club

Ewan Wardrop as George Formby sings 50 Cents' "In Da Club." Jaw droppingly good...

More on YouTube...

How does Sean Connery shave??

How does Sean Connery shave??

Control S

"Stardust" - Hoagy Carmichael

It doesn't get any better than this...

A Scouser is driving

A Scouser is driving through Liverpool with his dog in the passenger seat.
A police panda car follows him for about half a mile and then puts its siren and stop sign on, indicating to him to pull over.
As the copper approaches the car, he sees the Scouser is slapping the dog's head.
He tells the driver to wind down his window and asks, "Why are you hitting the dog?"
The Scouser replies, "The bloody thing just ate my tax disc."


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