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Season's greetings - 23.12.2020


i was out beside the football pitches
next to the railway lines
two kids ahead were cycling fast
away from mum's confines...

they slowed their speed as they neared me
the first - a girl - piped up:
"happy christmas!" and smiled so wide
i felt my heart fill up

her brother next called out the same
i surely should reply
"you must be soft you silly kids
it's all a con, run by

"ruling elites, grasping white men
capitalists so mean
dead eyed tories, daily mail hacks
and worst of all - the queen!"

i put them straight and carried on
towards their loving mum
"nice kids" i said and grinned at her
"hope your christmas is fun!"

The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry - 23.12.2020


⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ☆ ☆

harold fry

Harold Fry unwittingly sets off on a pilgrimage the length of England. As we travel with him, we feel each footstep, learn his motives, and probably shed a tear or two as the whole story unfolds.

It's the sort of book which is ideally suited to grey wintry days stuck at home during a pandemic lockdown. Turn the heating on and the TV off.

Tension - 20.12.2020


handy squares
I quite like this animated effect using the processing "Handy" library

Judee Sill - The Kiss - 15.12.2020

   video  music

Bob Harris introduces Judee Sill on the Old Grey Whistle Test in 1973 singing this sublime song. She has sadly long since passed away. Her Wikipedia entry makes surprising reading and belies her modest appearance and the purity of this composition.

An internal dialogue - 11.12.2020


i frown on your big german car
with its teutonic logos, the best ones by far
bristling with tech both clever and cunning
parked by the school with its engine still running ...

hold up! you frown all you like
but you went into town in your car not your bike
an unfashionable marque but still uses fuel
you holier than thou hypocritical fool ...