foshy's photos

Ken strikes a messianic pose
Posing on a sunny evening
Holborn Viaduct
Tina and Lesley posing
Late night Kebab
At Kumluca market
ITAP of lightning ! !
Crossword time
Repairs and alterations
Umbrella Street, Antalya
Ice cream anyone??
Afternoon tea
Watching the world go by at Kumluca market
Happy to pose  (Kumluca market)
Milliner  (Kumluca market)
She looks like my grandmother  (Kumluca market)
Take my photo ! ! (Kumluca market)
You looking at me? (Kumluca market)
A quiet moment at Kumluca market
Can you see Uncle Junior?
Fish seller at Kumluca market
Olympus masonry
Cirali mosque