foshy's photos

This fishing boat put me in mind of Para Handy's "Vital Spark"
Whitby harbour
Whitby harbour
There is a big gothic scene in Whitby. If bats can be considered gothic.
I wanted to spend a long time here, but Tina didn't...
This folk singer and fiddler had a rather scary Marionette dancing in front of him. His voice was very good, but the puppet scared us off.
The ubiquitous seagull shot. He is rather handsome, I think.
The other side of the van might just as well say: "Children's Parties" and "Clairvoyant Readings"
Whitby harbour
The driver of a steam driven bus
All aboard the magic bus
Whitby Gazette - covering the most important stories
Whitby jet workshop
Whitby street
Grosmont railway
Esk Valley
Flowers along the Cleveland Way
Cleveland Way sign - near Robin Hood's Bay
Robin Hood's Bay - chocolate heaven
Whitby Abbey
Whitby Abbey
Whitby - looking down to the harbour
There was a big WW2 event in North Yorkshire. These ladies posed in exchange for a dodgy ration book.
Watership Down
Leafy Sydmonton
The world in fungi, moss and lichen.
Vanishing point
"Afternoon, ladies."
It took a while to get some photos of shop fronts without cars either parked or driving past. Devizes is full of proper, old fashioned shops. Lovely.
All Hallows Whitchurch
All Hallows door
Bell ringers ropes