foshy's photos

Herding goats - Bademli
Left hand down a bit - Bademli
Shooting the breeze at Bademli
Egirdir residents
Lake Egirdir
Lake Egirdir
Lake Egirdir
Lake Egirdir
Tina after the first course
The view from the road
Village life
Kesmekoy resident
Emina and daughter
Breakfast in a meadow
Turkish meadow
Roman bridge
The turquoise river Kopru
The end.... of Whitby harbour pier
Home at last - entering Whitby harbour
North Yorkshire moors
We climbed a bit and were rewarded with this view - just near Rosedale Abbey
Gulls, and sea
North Yorkshire Moors. Winter produces such wonderful, muted, pastel colours
Yorkshire weather forecast
Posh Whitby - a fleeting visit...
I always feel sorry for Captain Cook - out here in all weathers. Nice to be remembered, though.
Low sun on Brighton beach huts
I wonder what happened here?
Skateboarder in Brighton