foshy's photos

Brighton pier - sometimes over exposed works
The Waltzer
Chris, feeding his addiction
More Hampshire hedgerows. I'm not sure what the attraction is, but this is a lovely view
Get a room!
Malshanger hedgerow in winter
We can look for free.
Anyone seen Noah?
Occasionally, you just point the camera, and things work out favourably. I think so, anyway.
Braemore, or Downton? A difficult choice. They both have pubs.
Sunlight illuminating a chuch interior... what could be better?
I wish I could remember where this was...
Now the sphinx's posterior depression   Is filled with the sands of the Nile   Which accounts camel's expression   And the sphinx's inscrutable smile.
I'm a sucker for sunset silhouettes
Tim and Nigel peruse our route. We made it...
A robin perched on someone's arm
Whites Hill - sans apostrophe
Hampshire in December
San Sebastian panorama
San Sebastian tech
A penny for them?
Tina - on her way to the beach
La Gomrea's nudist beach: from above - nothing to see here
San Sebastian horticulturalist
Looking out from the Church of the Assumption in San Sebastian
I think this is my favourite photo of our trip: a view over San Sebastian
Another view of volcanic Tenerife
La Gomera - dry stone walls which wouldn't look out of place in Yorkshire
Les - our very own troglodyte
On the trail...
Sunrise over Hermigua
The church at Hermigua
Gardeners :)