foshy's photos

Terraces - everywhere. The amount of work creating them must have been huge, especially as most probably pre-date modern machinery
Ermita San Juan and Les showing due reverence
A tiny chapel - Ermita de San Juan - overlooking Hermigua
From La Gomera to Tenerife and Mount Teide
La Gomera valley
High up on La Gomera
Bananas - anyone would think they grew on trees...
Daisies - with ants
Palms everywhere
The local co-op - we had to drag Tina away...
French people
Vallerehermoso - the village square overlooked by Roque El Cano
Passion Flower
Falling rocks - a hazard all over La Gomera
This bar is deserted - there is too much danger from falling rocks
Overlooking Vallehermoso
Every spare bit of land on La Gomera is cultivated
Three Foshes
Leaving Tenerife for the 40 minute ferry to La Gomera
Autumnal evening
Evening sun
Autumn leaves
Bathed in light
Carol with her big bible
The eyes have it
Whitby harbour
Captain James Cook
Whitby harbour