Saturday 03 November 2012


Unfortunately, Tina has to work today. Les and I drive down to Trowbridge to check my Dad's house. We stop for a paper and breakfast in Warminster.
DevizesAt Dad's, we pop in next door to update Carlo and Millie on the sale of Dad's property. Carlo is on good form, "Come and see me again, young laydeee," he says in his lovely thick Italian accent.
Carlo met Millie while a prisoner of war in the UK during world war two. He was smitten, but at the end of the war had to return to Italy, and was forbidden to return to the UK for two years. Millie was waiting when he did return, and they've been together ever since.
Carlo always tells us of the bullets in his leg, which are genuine, but a few more each time we meet. Millie sits and smiles the patient smile of the wife of many years, who has heard the same tale many times over.
At one point, Carlo exclaims: "Grampy always say, ONLY ONE WOMAN!!!" I assure him that the chance otherwise would be a fine thing. He looks happy.
The White Bear, DevizesLes and I set off home with the car laden with Dad's photos. Our return is via Devizes, where Les makes some purchases for the meal she plans to cook later. Les drags me complaining and unwilling into the "White Bear" and buys me a pint of Wadworth's finest beer.
When we arrive home, it's time to collect Jim from the station, and Tina is soon home, too. Les cooks a delicious meal, Mushroom Wellington, and the four of us catch up on each other's news.
After eating, we play a version of whist, which I win by one point. I'm delighted, and rub this victory in for the rest of the week-end.
Later, we watch Woody Allen's "To Rome with Love" - which is much better than it's IMDB score of 6.5 suggests.