Saturday 06 October 2012

Tina has to work :(

Trowbridge beckons for me - I need to check my Dad's house. The A303 is quiet, and Dad's house is very tidy. It's almost as if someone has been in. I'm not complaining, and chat with Dominic next door - who is recovering from major surgery to his knee. I drive back using an alternative route via Devizes, where I stop. I manage to find a parking space, and wander around the town with my camera. I find a barbers, and a charming man shaves my head - "number one, please." He has a short, grizzled beard, hair like mine (if I let it grow a bit), and is a conservative ten years older than me. The Wiltshire accent never sounded finer than it does coming from his mouth, it's so pleasant to chat about inconsequential things.

Ken texts me, he says divorce is imminent, as he and Carol are off to Ikea in Southampton. Good luck, matey. We exchange lots of texts, which is always fun. Ken gets his suppositories from Ikea - he has to put them up himself... (apologies to the sensitive reader - I've tried to keep this journal chaste, but it's a tough job).

After strolling around the town, eating a bag of chips (bliss), drinking a mocha (double bliss), and taking some photos, I head off. When I get to Upavon, I park and wander around the village. Tina and I have driven through lots of times, but never stopped. In the church, I meet a woman arranging flowers. I compliment her on the wonderful display of hedgerow plants on the window sills, where the stained glass works a kind of magic on the old man's beard, rose hips, and other anonymous plants my ignorance cannot identify. She could be straight out of the Archers, a stalwart of the community, putting in time and effort which might not be appreciated by all. Or she could have a massive crush on the vicar...

Home about three, before Tina. I wash my car, and drive to Halfords to purchase some "L" plates (contain your excitement, dear reader), before returning to wax the infernal machine. At this juncture, Chris and Nigel arrive, having been out (again) on their bicycles - to South Warnborough. It's good to stand in the low sunlight and chat.

Tina cooks a delicious beef stir fry, then I write this entry, listening to favourite music, before realising that the whole evening has passed by so very quickly.