Saturday 08 February 2014

We had an unexpected and fun walk today with Chris and Nigel, who drove us to Silchester, where we parked at St Mary the Virgin church, inside the walls of the Roman town. The weather was mixed, wet at times, very windy, but lots of sunny spells too. The ground was totally saturated, I don't envy those poor folk in Somerset and all the other places which have flooded.

At one point, Chris stepped into a puddle and it proved to be quite deep. There was a threat of the water going over the top of her boot. I couldn't help laughing. As I was apologising for my lack of compassion, I slipped and fell sideways in the mud. Talk about devine retribution. I always knew Chris had friends in high places...

We lunched at the Plough in Little London, and covered about ten miles in total.