Saturday 15 September 2012

A perfect day, sunny and warm. Tina and I cycle over to see my Dad. He's ok, a bit sleepy, but does chat a little. I worry that we should take him out or something, but to be honest, he won't enjoy the upheaval.

We then cycle on to Odiham, where we have lunch in the the Bell, a proper pub by the church. We sit outside, but the pub is perfect inside. Light streams in through the windows, and creates a wonderful back lit effect everywhere. It looks lived in, and the menu has proper pub food. Tina has a sausage sandwich, bacon and mushroom for me. Mmmmm. The barman says his in laws run it, and that they've been there for sixteen years. Makes a change, these days every pub we go in seems to have changed hands in the last six months.

After lunch I take a lot of photos inside and outside the church. As we cycle home there are two other churches we visit, and more photos. Lovely.