Saturday 17 November 2012

3:30 is the sort of time which should only exist in the afternoon. Regardless, we all get up, cram our cases in the boot and drive to Gatwick. The flight is OK, making a nonsense of my worries of the previous few days. Why I think the plane is going to crash every time I fly I don't really know. Brandy in the departure lounge at  6:00 am seems to perk us all up though.

When we get off plane in Tenerife it's wonderfully hot and sunny. The time is around 11:30 - the same as the UK. A taxi is waiting to take us to Los Christianos where we will catch a ferry to La Gomera. We have two hours to kill so we have lunch on the beach, which is excellent. Fresh fish, salads, bread and olive oil, and mojo, a local dip which comes in two varieties: green, full of pesto, and red, hot and spicy. On the ferry, I fall asleep. When I wake, I stand up and lean low over Tina's seat. The woman occupying Tina's seat looks surprised, at best. Horrified is a fair alternative. J & L& T find it very amusing.

SausagesA taxi takes us from San Sebastian, the capital of La Gomera, to Vallehermso. The island is only ten miles in diameter, but it takes a while as we wind around the mountainous terrain. The hotel is lovely, with amazing views over the village and peaks all round. Les and I explore and get coffee, Tina and Jim take a nap. Back at hotel we meet another British couple. She hurt her leg a week prior to her holiday, so is going to do short walks. Dorothy texts the Saints result, 3-1 away to QPR. Hooray.

Dinner at the hotel is superb. Chicken soup, a vegetable platter, and for desert a sausage covered in gravy. We assume it's some local delicacy, then Tina discovers that it is a banana with palm honey (like maple syrup). The hotelier is Jordi, a very nice man. His wife has a crutch, she has had a fall. Not surprising given the terrain. Altogether a marvellous day, if a little tiring.