Saturday 22 September 2012

Tina has to work today - boo. She heads off and I get up. After breakfast I cycle to see Joyce for a chat. She is busy vacuuming, but stops for me. On my way home I call into Winklebury cycles to see if they have a bike for Tina - a fair swop, I thought ;) (It's her birthday next Sunday). They have just the right bike, but before I commit I realise it's a man's frame. Gary (the proprietor) measures the height of the crossbar for me, and I leave it that I will go home and check Tina's bike.

Crop burnThen it's time to tackle the hedge at the front of the house. While working, I hear the phone, it's Mike. We chat, it's so good to hear him. He's just helped a friend by sharing the driving to make a delivery - a round trip of (I think) 1400 kilometers. Jenny and he are also helping at a big fishing tournament this week-end. They are always so busy - new knees don't slow them down much. Mike is great for a 91 year old. I take my time with the hedge, and am around three quarters done when Tina gets home, around 3 p.m. She notices a huge cloud to the west in an otherwise blue sky. We walk into the road for a better view, just as our new neighbour opposite does. Stuart thinks it's smoke, so I grab my camera and he drives us toward Oakley to get a better view. The source of the smoke seems to be inaccessible, and we head home. The smoke is dispersing now, but at the start it was spectacular. Later, I see on the Guts-ache news page that it was only a controlled burn of crops. The emergency services were inundated with calls, apparently.

Chris and Nigel call round. I finish the hedge, and join them in the back garden for a chat. They have been out cycling, and Chris is on her new custom made bike, it looks marvellous in metallic petrol blue. When they leave, I survey the hedge. It look s like someone has drunkenly attacked it with a blunt instrument, just the effect I am after.

Dinner, Gareth Malone on the telly (he's very good, despite this being the umpteenth series of the same thing), and "The Thick of It" then bed.