Saturday 29 September 2012

We're up quite early and I go for a run just before eight. The sun is low in a beautiful blue sky, and the green grass is bejeweled with dew. I cough and splutter a bit on my way round, but I think my cold has nearly run it's course.

Chris rings in the morning, and the four of us cycle out to Overton for lunch. There is a charity shop in aid of the local hospice, and Chris and Tina spend quite a long time browsing. I say quite a long time; while Nigel and I were waiting outside, a couple of glaciers passed down the High Street.

Later in the day, Jim E pops round with birthday gifts for his sister. It's good to see him, we chat for quite a while. Mike rings up, it's so nice to hear from him. His knee is getting better, and Jenny's back problems aren't so bad at the moment.

Around seven we drive to Ken & Carol's and take them to the pub at North Waltham, the Fox. We have a good evening, chatting and joking. At some point, Carol asks us to rotate our right foot in a clockwise circle. Then at the same time, draw a six in the air with our right finger. It's impossible to do both tasks at once! Who'd have thought. I then get Carol to do a circle in front of her with her thumb. The circle is perpendicular to the body, with the thumb moving toward and away from the body (if you see what I mean). Then do a circle with the other thumb, in the opposite direction. Very difficult, too. A man from another table tells Tina and Carol how they were amused watching their antics, and trying them out themselves. We toast Tina's health, and retire homeward.

Didn't watch match of the day tonight. Saints lost, away at Everton. It could be a very long season.