Sunday 02 December 2012

Chris and Nigel call round in the morning, and drive us to Durley Street, near Bishop's Waltham, where we meet with Dotty and Tim. The weather is perfect for walking: bright, sunny and cold.

We head for Owslebury, where we lunch at the Ship Inn. On the way, there is much debate about the pronounciation of "Owslebury." Despite this, we forget to ask at the pub, and it remains a mystery. I'm for "Ozbree" - it works for Bicester...

Chris has visited La Gomera on a tall ship, it's interesting to compare notes.

The countryside is very pleasant, up and down enough for pleasant views, and we arrive back at the cars in the dark. There's something quite satisfying about walking until the light has gone, so long as it's possible to avoid getting run over - the last few minutes are along the road. Nigel, Tim and I hold up our phones and devices (gps) to show the drivers where we are, as none of us have reflective clothing.

In the evening Tina and I continue with series two of Breaking Bad. Somehow the plot and interest are maintained, it seems to get even better.