Sunday 07 October 2012

Sunday! I greet the morning around four, and listen to the radio and try to get back to sleep. I give up around 5:30, and make coffee - tea for Tina. Soon the sun is lightening the eastern sky in a very promising way so I head out in the car with camera and tripod to catch the sunrise. Within ten minutes fog has settled over everything, it's just amazing how it can form so quickly. I think about driving to Watership down, where it's possible that I will get a view over the top of the fog, but cba, and head home sans photos.

Later in the morning I visit Dad, who is on good form. One of the staff says he has been very awake and alert all week, which is good news. Before I leave, I help Dad to the dining table for his lunch, and as he walks his trousers fall down. It's a bit like a Brian Rix farce, he keeps slowly walking, oblivious, and I try and hitch his trousers up and fasten his belt.

At home, an email awaits from Jackie in Canada. We connect on Skype and Jackie, Paul, Tina and I chat and look at each other on our mobile screens. They are watching Saints v Fulham over breakfast and show me snippets of the match on their TV. It's amazing to think of our voices and video whizzing across the Atlantic in less time than it takes to click my fingers. It's Canada's thanksgiving over there, they are going to visit Paul's Mum for the traditional turkey dinner.

Ken and Carol call round in the afternoon, having spent some time with Dave and Dorothy (Kens's aged parents). We drive to Watership Down (what a coincidence), and walk for two or three hours. It's a lovely afternoon, the sun has burnt off the fog at last. We take a route Tina and I haven't walked before through Andrew Lloyd- Webber's estate at Sydmonton. There is much to see, beautiful avenues of trees, the ripening fruits of autumn, moss, lichen and fungi everywhere, so I am happy taking lots of photos.

On the way home Ken prises open his wallet and treats us to ice creams. He has wine gums, which I tuck into as he drives.