Sunday 09 December 2012

Jim, Tina and I have breakfast together. An impressive feat for Jim, who came home in the wee small hours.

Night sky at DeaneJim and I visit my Dad, who is on good form. We also visit Joyce, before he gets the train back to his metropolis.

In the afternoon, Tina and I go for a walk with Ken and Carol. We park at Deane and walk to Overton, where the "Old House at Home" tempts us. Returning to the car, night falls. The ladies have gone on ahead, and Ken and I admire the night sky and star gaze while chatting about Sir Patrick Moore. It turns out to be a sad and apposite moment - Ken texts me later to say Sir Patrick has just passed away. The four of us saw him at the Anvil in Basingstoke, and thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

No more Mr. Night Sky....