Sunday 18 November 2012

Before breakfast I'm standing outside when the woman with a bad leg walks along with her husband. She looks surprised when I enquire after her leg - it's not same woman... T & J & L take the micky, and ask if I enquire of all women I meet how their limbs are. I retort that it's a valid chat up line, sooner or later one of them will be injured, and will be impressed by my sixth sense. Jordi is around at breakfast but not his wife. We chat to fellow guests, some are on the same holiday.

We set off for a walk, a circuit around the village. We climb up for ages, with wonderful views. It's very green, and there's a bit of rain. There are palm trees, cacti, weeds trying to overgrow the path. We pass two tiny chapels. There's an old man with broom in the first, and a French party picnicking outside the second. Whenever we meet French people they always seem to be in groups, and having a whale of a time. We descend a very steep path to the beach. A swimming pool is empty, the sea has big breaking waves, we're advised not to swim. There is a road to a deserted bar covered in fallen rocks, under massive sheer cliffs. We walk back to village, and have beer at a bar. The French party are already there having fun. Lots of "Bonjours" to us. Before dinner we play Scrabble. Jim scores very well with one word which I won't repeat - where did he learn that sort of language. Still, as he says, it's in the dictionary. Roger Melley's dictionary, I think...

Our evening meal is in the village in a bar which our taxi driver recommended. We all order lots of tapas dishes, which are excellent. The meal goes on and on, with new dishes appearing at regular intervals. Did we order all these? It's a bit like the scene from Monty Pythons "Meaning of Life" where Mr. Creosote has a problem with a "wafer thin mint, a tiny little thin one." Somehow, we do justice to the meal without exploding.