Sunday 30 September 2012

A quiet morning, Tina opens her cards and presents. Lesley is due at the station at 12, and I ask Tina if she minds collecting her, along with Joyce. While Tina is out, I get her bike from Tim's garage and put it in ours. Pink ribbon all over it, and a label, just right.


It's good to see Les, we chat in the kitchen, then the four of us go for lunch at the Fox - where they have a sign proclaiming "The best Sunday lunches in Basingstoke." It isn't too bad, either. Roast dinners all round, nice vegetables, attentive staff.

When we get home I put Tina's bike in the utility room and wait for her to find it. Eventually she does, then goes for a spin up and down the road outside the house. Ken and Carol call, we have cake and play Scrabble. Fun.

Later, when it's just Tina, Les and I, we watch "The thick of it" on TV - very good, as usual.

Happy Birthday Tina :)