Thursday 11 October 2012

An even busier day :( I start at eight (am) and finish at 6:30 (pm). I see H for the second time. Everything about H's driving jars. He goes past a parked car about a Rizla Green's width from it's doors. I suggest that he should leave enough room for the parked car's door to open unexpectedly. He suggests that if the door opens, and he hits it, it will be the fault of the person who opened the door, so what's the problem? I resist the temptation to kick him out of the car right there, and patiently (for me) explain all the implications and ramifications of his actions.

Other things about his driving: he changes gear with a rapid, forceful movement of the gear lever. I'm not sure his clutch is down before this violent yank on the gears. But it's not exactly wrong. What to do? He has so many faults it's neccessary to focus on the really dangerous ones. Initially, bite my tongue. Later, the sun is in his eyes. I don't think anyone has ever slammed the sun visor down (and later up again) so forcefully. I'm surprised it's not broken off and lying in his lap. I'm reminded of the Fred Bassett cartoon, where Fred encounters "Heavy Handed Harry." The amazing thing is that he has a full licence - he passed his test in Italy and can drive in the UK. He is sensible enough to book lessons with me before buying a car and driving here. I now have a very low opinion of Italian driver training. Do they ever let the clutch come up?

I get home at 6:40, wolf down my dinner, and Tina and I collect t'Lockes for an evening at the Haymarket theatre with Sean Hughes. We get there on time, but Sean doesn't. There are problems on the motorway. The show starts half an hour late, which gives us a chance to get stuck into the bar.

Sean's performance is wonderful. We've seen him twice before. The first time (twenty ish years ago) was excellent, the second not quite so. Tonight, he doeas a show loosely based upon his father's recent death from cancer. This is a coincicence, we didn't go tonight for any reason other than that we like him. Sean is on top form, and although he has just a bit of a beer belly, and a slightly older visage, he still exudes boyish enthusiasm and Irish charm. It's a shame when it finishes, and we drive home happy.

Watch Sean's Show on YouTube. Never has the fourth wall been so comprehensively broken down.