Thursday 22 November 2012

We say goodbye to Alex, the owners son at our hotel. A very pleasant woman takes us in a taxi to a high place on the island - up in the clouds. On the way a woman with a child on her back is pottering about next to a tent at the side of the road. There must be some poverty on the island. Our driver drops us next to (I think) the Roque de Agando, the most prominent of a group of volcanic plugs called simply Los Roques, near the centre of the island. The rock is shrouded in mist, but still impressive.

Today's walk is down hill to San Sebastian, the capital of the island, where our last hotel is located. We cross a road and stop for coffee. The cafe is full of a coach party of cruise passengers, who soon depart. Rather them than me... It gets sunnier and much warmer as we continue to descend.

9000 people vive in San Sebastian, out of the island's total population of 28000. Compared to the villages we have been in so far, this is a teeming metropolis. Similarly, the hotel is huge, compared to the other two. Tina and I have a good look around the town before dinner. Walking back to the hotel, we come across a woman watering her plants outside her house. Tina and I say how pleasant her flowers look, and I snatch a photo. As we walk off she dashes after us with a rose for Tina :)

Dinner is posh and huge. Tina and I order paella as a starter - it's huge. Our main courses include kid, cod, and guinea fowl, which is all delicious. Later we play cards, a whist variant which lasts for around an hour. I win by a tiny margin, much to everyone elses disgust. Jim and I had a side bet and he's particularly miffed.