Thursday 25 October 2012

The day starts with Matt's test. He doesn't want me to sit in, so I am able to have a lovely ASDA coffee. More importantly, Matt passes. It's a bit of an untidy marking sheet, which is so often the case with a second test. Still, a pass is a pass. Back in Bramley, his mum is thrilled. As parents, we go through each milestone of our offspring's lives with them, sometimes more affected than the youngsters.

The afternoon passes pleasantly, the last lesson at 5:45 cancels, and Tina awaits at home :)

In the evening I phone Michael, my Dad's stepson. He is in his early 70's and lives in Sussex with Eileen, his wife. We chat, and I explain that one reason for  my call is that I've had an offer on Dad's house! (Dad's house has been on the market since summer 2011, and I was beginning to think we'd never find a buyer). I wondered if Michael might want something from the house, as there are some of Victoria's (his Italian mum) things there.