Tuesday 01 January 2013

Spent the day with Tina, Chris and Nigel, and Tim and Dorothy tramping around the Hampshire / Wiltshire borders on the edge of the New Forest. A good way to see in the new year. The weather was perfect, cold, sunny and very bright. There was a certain amount of consternation about finishing the walk in daylight, but we made it back to the cars before the sun deserted us completely.

The river Avon crossed our path several times, and there were lots of flooded fields to be seen, but our path was relativley dry and I think feet were too.

What happened to Christmas? I blinked and it went. Family, friends, lovely presents and enough food and drink to sink (or float) a battleship.

Ken and Carol hid a lottery ticket in Tina's and my present. Unfortunately, the numbers didn't come up, but it made me think: what if you are given a ticket, and you hit the jackpot? I suppose the only sensible thing is to give your benefactor half. Although it's possible £0.50 is a bit too much...