Tuesday 02 October 2012

I collect Ashley for his second test at 9:30. The examiner was Gordon, a lovely big Scottish man who isn't often at Basingstoke. Ashley didn't want me to sit in the back so I go for a coffee with an AA instructor. A nice bloke, with a very shaky hand. I hope he's OK but I don't mention it. He tells me about tests of his which the examiner has abandoned, and also that the last six tests he's presented have failed. I sympathise. Back in the waiting room, Renata (another instructor) also has tales of abandoned tests. To be honest, I would be mortified if the examiner though my learner so bad that they stopped the test. Each to their own...

Ashley gets back and Gordon calls me over to the car to hear the de-brief. Ashley passed - phew. Gordon and I exchange pleasantries, and I take Ashley home. At lunchtime, I see a new customer, Umar, a very nice man.

In the evening Tina goes out with a friend, and I watch a bit of football on the telly and retire early.