Tuesday 04 December 2012

I awake to news that some random woman is pregnant. I don't know how to avoid the press frenzy which will only go on for, say, decades. All together now: "The people's flag is deepest red, It shrouded oft our martyr'd dead..."

I have seven lessons booked for today - two cancel. A third cancels by text message, but he thinks the lesson is today when it is actually tomorrow. I send a message telling him this and receive no reply. Sigh. It wouldn't take much... Much later I receive a reply that he is also unavailable tomorrow. I think I'll add diary skills to my syllabus.

I have a secret admirer - this message was received today, from one Amwring Nospeedos:

Halo my friend - was it you that I saw on the beach on La Gomera? I have been
searching to find you ever since.
I ask because the man I remember looked like you & was well-ripped........but
naked (& a little cold apparently). I am unsure, as you make no mention of
bathing in your natural state in your diary account, & I would feel
embaressed if I were to approarch the wrong gentleman.
If it WAS you dancing in the surf with your 'wife', then please get in touch
as I have lost your number.
Yours (I wish) - Amwring xx

My reply:

How nice to hear from you. I was rather hoping that I would, after our
You have amazingly good taste, not to say eyesight. I wish we could meet
again, but fear it is not to be. Alas, I am financially embarrassed (note
the spelling. If we have any future together, you will have to learn what
"pedant" means). If you would like to continue our "relationship" please
forward a suitably large sum of euros to my PayPal account. I will then be
able to travel to your island paradise, where we can continue our
Adidas, my dusky one (see how easily I slip into your vernacular).

Hmmmmm... I want to believe it's true, but....

In the evening Tina practises the dark art of Pilates, and I have a good chat with Yvonne at the Jolly Farmer in Cliddesden. Yvonne describes this year as her "travelling" year - she's not joking. New York, Washington DC, Cuba, Cyprus, and Portugal are the places my ravaged memory can retain, there were a few others.

It's also good to see people in the pub on a week day evening, and even better to see a dart board being used.