Tuesday 06 November 2012

Today's song on my car stereo - Kraftwerk's Autobahn - 22 minutes and 43 seconds of wonderful "Krautrock."

Shadreck has his test today, at lunch time. The drive before the test is a bit edgy, it's funny how a big man like him in his mid forties can get so nervous about a driving test. He asks me to sit in the back, so I get to see how lenient Mr White (the examiner, who is quite new and whose first name I don't know) is with him. Although Shadreck does drive well, and the route is very straight forward, there are a couple of errors which are a bit borderline. Still, no problem, Shadreck has the all important pass certificate in his hand, and looks very happy. As I drive him home, he delights in telling me that I didn't check my blind spot for a lane change. I explain that I am so skilled at driving, most normal people wouldn't spot my observations as they are so subtle. We both chuckle, which is nice...

Around the time of Shadreck's test, Jim texts about tennis - do I want to accompany him to see Andy Murray tomorrow in London at the ATP tournament? I have a very busy day booked, and can't cancel all the appointments, so I reluctantly decline :(

I see K at 3:15. He is a lovely man from Pakistan. I am concerned about his progress, he doesn't seem to be able to visualise the road ahead, especially the junctions and the timing required to fit in with other road users. We keep plugging away, week after week, there is improvement but very slow.

After seing Tina at home, I have a six o'clock appointment with A, whose Dad (M) made the booking. I don't want to work this late but I have taught three of M's children and lots of relatives and friends. M was keen for me to see A and I am too soft to refuse. A lives in Alton and is getting a lift into Basingstoke to meet me for the lesson at his Dad's house. I have mentioned several times to M that I need to see both parts of A's licence. When I arrive at M's, he tells me that A is en route and very close. He says he did tell A to bring his licence. When A gets to us - no licence. How difficult can it be :)

So the lesson starts with me driving A back to his house in Alton where he has just come from, picking up and checking the licence, then A driving back to Basingstoke. A can drive really well, he has had a lot of (dodgy) practice, which is why I agreed to see him, as hopefully he won't need lots of lessons.

"Wir fahr'n fahr'n fahr'n auf der Autobahn...."