Tuesday 13 November 2012

My first lesson is with S, a nice man in his late twenties or early thirties. His partner recommended me; I think she is keener than he is to get him on the road. The first time I saw S was around three months ago. Despite telling him many times that he needed to bring his licence on the first lesson, he doesn't have it with him. We go on a wild goose chase to various addresses but still no licence. Fast forward a month or two; I get a message to say he has replaced his lost licence. We make another appointment. I turn up, he isn't there. When I call him, he is on the motorway returning home from work: "Did I book the lesson for tonight?"

Repeat the last appointment (seriously), then eventually I do see him, with licence. He can drive very well, just needs to pass the test. I try to encourage him to do his theory test, and at the end of the hour he wants to make a booking - for this morning. When I turn up, he apologises and explains that his partner (a very organised person with good judgement in most things) has gone out, and left no money to pay for the lesson (what he needs is a secretary... or a kick up the bum). I say it's up to him, he can owe me, or I will go back home... I go back home. It must be wonderful to live life only in the present, without having to look ahead and plan anything :)

The rest of the day is fine, K manages a whole lesson where I don't have to stop him pulling out in front of someone, Liesha has a drive in the dark with full commentary ("I'm ****ing scared Richard, I can't see anything!" - "You're ****ing scared ? ! ? ! ? ! ?"), and I drop off the Harry Hill tickets we can't use (Newbury, next week, sad to miss it but for a very good reason) to Carol. I return home quite late to Tina.