Tuesday 20 November 2012

After breakfast we say goodbye to Jordi, and get a taxi - 30 minutes climbing up into the mountains. The day is spent mainly walking down, with only occasional climbs. In the morning we walk through deciduous woods, and find a bar at lunchtime for a drink. In the afternoon we can see the volcano Teide (Tay-dee) on Tenerife. At 3717 metres (12198 feet) Teide forms the highest peak on Spanish territory and the worlds third largest volcano (Last eruption 1909). (Thank you Wikipedia).

Gradually, we descend to Hermigua, where our next hotel awaits. Nearer to the village, we come across a chapel, brilliant white in the low sun. We take photos, and two minutes later sun drops behind the mountains :) The same thing happens at the church in Hermigua, a lucky day for lighting. We find a bar and relax, then find our hotel. It's perched on a hillside, with great views. At 7:30 a taxi takes us to a restaurant, which is on the beach. We eat dinner to the sound of waves breaking.