Walking Lands End to John o'Groats - Basingstoke Monday 22 June 2015

Start: Basingstoke
Finish: Basingstoke
Miles walked today: 0
Total miles: 1033 (still)

Final thoughts, images, maps and things. Starting with a map of my route, with overnight stops marked:


One reason to do the walk was to lose some weight. I started walking at a little over twelve stones, and finished at a little under eleven. I'll never keep the weight off but will try. My backpack weighed around 36 pounds. Quite heavy, apparently. I was a bit jealous of one or two other walkers who had very light equipment and packs that contained as much as mine but weighed much less.
Here is a video of all the photos I took with my phone:



My phone (Samsung Galaxy S4) was a godsend. It had Ordnance Survey maps for the whole of the UK on it. With the built in gps I always knew exactly where I was. The phone camera is pretty good too. I had to shoot lower resolution images than I would have liked in order to upload them easily, but generally the images are fine for web use. I could start the day's walk with the battery on 100% and if I was careful finish on about 65% to 70%. I took a:


back up battery charger which worked like a charm. All I needed to do was keep the phone dry!

Network coverage was pretty good all things considered. Sometimes the phone signal was faster than the wi-fi where I was staying. I even managed to upload HD videos to YouTube on the phone network - impressive, I thought.

My only regret is that my Nikon DSLR stayed in my backpack far too much. I did take quite a lot of shots with it but not every day. Photos below: