Walking Lands End to John o'Groats - Brewood Friday 15 May 2015

Start: Himley
Finish: Brewood
Miles walked today: 14
Total miles: 363

Today was lovely. Company! How lucky am I to have such a good friend? Although Ken did construct a mini Berlin Wall down the middle of the bed...
Lots of highlights, including walking through "Giggetty" - honestly!
Now over to my guest diarist, blogger, and dear friend - Kenonymous:

Richard today informed me that he considered me, (Ken), his factotum......& I therefore find myself composing the blog-spot today.
We both woke refreshed in our shared bed. Richard was a bit grumpy, probably due to my refusal to read him a bedtime story last night. The hotel, though shabby, provided an excellent breakfast and we were soon checked out, leaving a slightly unsure receptionist wondering whether I truely was the top-bloke best mate that I am, or some casual acquaintance Richard had met online on Grindr some 10 minutes after checking in.
I began the day with some trepidation, as my foot was still quite hurty from 3 hours of pressure on the accelerator pedal yesterday. Rich showed little concern and so we headed off north out of Himley, got into our stride, & soon picked up the Staffs & Worcs canal towpath heading north.
I should really have had R on a lead as the excitement of approaching Giggetty (the western suburb of Wombourne) was becoming unbearable. There was something in the name that appealed. He'll grow up one day.
The lock gates we encountered were fascinating (honest) & the bargeman & lock-keeper we met filled us in on the history & engineering detail.....all good stuff. We left the canal behind only for the tranquility of the path that followed the disused rail line.
Wolverhampton was just to the east but you wouldn't have known.
Conversation had been constant as we relayed our latest news & experiences. The usual diversity of topics were covered & the miles flew by. The terrain was gentle & the sun shining. How could this get any better? A pub appeared - that's how :-) ......& so it came to pass that we sat in the company of a fish-finger sandwich with side order of beer.
The in-yer-head song today had been the Animal Magic theme tune, appearing from nowhere like an uninvited guest who then refused to bugger off for the rest of the walk.

The Staffs way was leading us on, past Codsall & over the M54, the noise of vulcanised rubber on tarmac almost deafening in contrast to our days aural intake.

The Shropshire Union canal led us into our final destination of Brewood, a very pleasant village dominated by a tall church spire which had been our focus for the last mile or so. The hotel was ideal, as was the evening pub.
A very, very, VERY enjoyable day.
The blister count was on zero, as was the bite, rash, sting, sore, stumble & fall counts. It hadn't rained either - it wouldnt have dared after yesterday. Perfick.
"Goodnight Eric"........
......."Sleep tight Little Ern."