Walking Lands End to John o'Groats - Edale Tuesday 19 May 2015

Start: Buxton
Finish: Edale
Miles walked today: 11
Total miles: 428

To paraphrase Churchill:
This is not the end. This is not the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning
It's around 4 pm and the rain is beating a tattoo against the fabric of my tent. I'm lying down typing this inside the tent although there is no signal here in Edale. I plan to head over to the Nags Head a little later to see how their wifi situation is.
Edale! The start of the Pennine Way. The start of a trail which will take me 270 miles north and across the border into Scotland. Fingers crossed.
It's raining as I walk away from Elizabeth's lovely B&B. By the time I get to the edge of Buxton, it's turned to hail. Whatever next? I stride across a deserted track wondering where it will take me. Across a golf course, apparently...
The hail reverts to rain and for the rest of today's short walk it's a very mixed bag of weather. Occasional sun, sharp showers, and some strong gusts of wind. I skirt around the impressive Mam Tor, and drop down into Edale.
The very expensive water proof gloves I purchased yesterday worked very well. No more numb hands. When I asked the proprietor of the shop if he had any water proof gloves, I half expected him to go to the back of the store and return with a pair of yellow Marigolds. That's what I'd have done, anyway...
Thanks to the Reddit community for your support:
and to the mysterious Mrs of Old Basing. I'd like to know who you are... :)
Later... The Nags Head is perfect. Their fish finger sandwich is to die for. Ethan, behind the bar, chats to me enthusiastically about walking, life in general, and his job at the pub (two months in). He's a natural with people, has the right words for each customer, and will go far in life, I'm sure. I'm touched when he asked me to contact him if I want a walking partner.