Walking Lands End to John o'Groats - Minions Thursday 30 April 2015

Start: Bodmin
Finish: Minions
Miles walked today: 17
Total miles: 95

We set off full of Sarah's delicious breakfast. If you want to stay in Bodmin, stay here!
After negotiating some busy roads to exit Bodmin we end up on our usual route of pretty lanes. In one village a man is sweeping his drive, and asks us our destination.
"Towards Launceston" we reply, pronouncing it "Lawn sest on"
He looks puzzled for a moment, then smiles,
"Ah, Lanston!" he says, in a broad Cornish accent.
We live and learn.
We pass through England's best village - 2004. It can't be that good as the pub is shut. The local shop keeper is taciturn to say the least:
"A lovely day outside"
"I'll just pay for these then"
"Thanks - have a good day!"
Later, sitting on a bench at Darite, our online travel guide finds us a room at the Cheesewring Hotel. You really need to get some work done, Ken.
After an interesting walk through deserted tin mines up onto Bodmin Moor we encouter a massive bull walking towards us. It seems unattended but quite harmless. Just around the corner is the hotel. Perfect.