Wednesday 02 October 2012

I have a couple of lessons in the morning, the first one is with Shadreck. I got an email from him telling me that he has postponed his test until the beginning of November, and could he book a lesson? His driving is better, by November he might stand a chance of passing. A few more lessons, an early finish, and home.

Tina and I spend a quiet evening, and I receive a lovely email from Carol with some poems by Thom Gunn. Here's one:

A Map of the City

I stand upon a hill and see
A luminous country under me,
Through which at two the drunk sailor must weave;
The transient's pause, the sailor's leave.

I notice, looking down the hill,
Arms braced upon a window sill;
And on the web of fire escapes
Move the potential, the grey shapes.

I hold the city here, complete;
And every shape defined by light
Is mine, or corresponds to mine,
Some flickering or some steady shine.

This map is ground of my delight.
Between the limits, night by night,
I watch a malady's advance,
I recognize my love of chance.

By the recurrent lights I see
Endless potentiality,
The crowded, broken, and unfinished!
I would not have the risk diminished.

Thom Gunn

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